last update: 11/17/00

 More pictures in 15 days :

M1 . my first color image
M57, Lyra planetary
NGC7331 nice galaxy in Adromeda
NGC891 in LRGB
NGC4565, edge-on galaxy with two satellites running !
M27 b/w planetary nebula
M27 in LRGB , have to do it better !
M74 very diffuse galaxy
M16 eagle nebula
M51 in cane venaciti
M51 at F 5.5 wider field
M13 Globular
NGC 7479, small face-on galaxy
M17 Swann nebula

Sorry for my english ;-((
Cassis is a small village with 6500 inhabitants 20 Km  East of Marseille, on the south coast of France
Here is famous "calanques", like but smaller that finlandish fjords
I live in Paris for my work (IC), but i am very lucky to go two weeks-end by month in my house, near the mediteranean sea.

Since 18 month, i do CCD pictures.
My scope is a LX200 10" with a 6.3 reducer, and a ETX90 on it, with Losmandy rings, for autoguiding.
 Starlight HX516 is for guiding on the ETX and a MX916 Starlight for imaging.
I use a NGFS for focusing
At the moment, i have lot of job with flats, guiding, balance,focusing, winds,etc...
 As soon as my technique will growing, i'll try do better pictures and to go to SN and asteroids

I just begin color with RGB filter set from TrueTechnology, and  Homeyer filter wheel.
As computer i use PC and Mac, with Astroart, Prism and Photoshop software.

This site is only beginning, and i hope it will going better and better (as my english !!)
I will add here tricks and tips for better imaging with my stuff.

So far i do 300 sec shots, and i add it 2 or 5 time, depends of brightness of object.

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