by Alain Drozd

last update: 11/07/05

M51 Galaxy

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Cassis is a small village with 6500 inhabitants 20 Km  East of Marseille, on the south coast of France
The  famous "calanques" are located here, they are similar to the finlandish fjords, only smaller.
I live in Paris for my work (IC), but I am very lucky to go two weeks-end each month to my house, which is near the Mediteranean Sea.
Here is my site and my telescope

Since 1999, I do CCD pictures.
My scope was a LX200 10" with a 6.3 reducer, and a ETX90 on it, with Losmandy rings, for autoguiding.
 Starlight HX516 is for guiding on the ETX and a MX916 Starlight for imaging.
I use a NGFS for focusing
At the moment, there is a lot to do with flats, guiding, balance,focusing, winds,etc...
 As soon as my technique  grows, I'll try do better pictures and to go to SN and asteroids

I began early 2001 imaging in  color using  RGB filter set from TrueTechnology, and  Homeyer filter wheel.
I use both PC and Mac for computers. I use Astroart, Prism and Photoshop software.

On 10/05/2003 I purchased a used LX200 12" Classic !!! . 
Optics are great, but it is big and heavy !

Now I do imaging with a ST7e and a AO-7.


This site is only beginning, and I hope it will going better and better (as my english !!)
I will add here tricks and tips for better imaging with my stuff.
Here are  some basic formulas for ccd imaging (field, resolution)

So far i do 300 sec shots, and I add it  5 to 12 times, depending of brightness of object.

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Comments (good or bad) are very welcome at:

Pictures with LX200 10" and 12"
Processed with Astroart, AIP & Photoshop:

M1 . update of my first color image
M57 , Lyra planetary close-up with AO7
NGC891 Edge-on galaxy  LX200 12"
NGC7331 nice galaxy in Pegasus LX200 12"without and with AO7
NGC4565, edge-on galaxy with two satellites running !
M27 b/w planetary nebula LX200 12" + a close up at F10 with AO7
M27 in LRGB , LX200 12" 
M74 b/w very diffuse galaxy
M16 color Eagle Nebula  LX200 12"one more image with AO7
M51  M51 Color in Cane Venaciti      LX200 12" 
M51 at F 5.5 wider field
M13 Globular  LX200 12"
NGC 7479, small face-on galaxy LX200 12"
M17 Swann nebula
M20 nebula
NGC 7320, Stephen's Quintet
M42 , my first mosaic (miss something !)
M42 in color (heart of)
N7753 a mag 13 galaxy with 7752 companion
NGC 7814 in Pegasus
M 101 in Ursa Major
NGC 1232 a face-on galaxy
NGC 772 a 111 MLY distant galaxy with ngc770 companion
NGC 2392 color Clown-Face or Eskimo Nebula
NGC 2261  color Hubble"s variable nebula
M74 in color (very difficult object, surface brightness is 13.4 !) update
M104 "sombrero" galaxy
M64 "blackeye" galaxy        LX200 12" 
M65 galaxy in Leo
M66 with M65 & ngc3628, is  Leo's triplet
NGC 3190 another  triplet in Leo , color update
NGC 4565 in color           LX200 12"
NGC 2903 in color
M 100 , a face-on galaxy
IC 434 , horsehead nebula in color
M63 Sunflower Galaxy         LX20012" 
Planetary my first 1999 (and last so far) planetary pictures
NGC 4038 & 4039 Two colliding galaxies
NGC 4298 & 4302 Two close galaxies in Coma, color difference is obvious
Copeland's Septet  Group of galaxies in Leo
M95 Galaxy in Leo
NGC 4631 Color. Big galaxy in Canes Venaciti with companion
NGC 3628 Galaxy member of Leo's Triplet in color (with M 65 and M 66)
M106 Galaxy in Cane Venaciti
M 5 Globular cluster in color
M 61 Face-on galaxy in Virgo
NGC 5746 Edge-on galaxy in Virgo
M 57 the famous, in color  LX200 12" 
M 13 in color , finally too !

NGC 5921 face on spiral galaxy in Serpens
NGC 4536 Galaxy in Virgo
M 87 in Virgo and core supraluminic jet
M 90 galaxy in Virgo
NGC 5426 & 5427 interacting galaxies in Virgo `
NGC 4567 & 4568 "Siamese Twins", another interesting pair of interacting galaxies in Virgo
NGC 2438 planetary  in Puppies
NGC 1055  side-on galaxy
NGC 1637 face-on galaxy
M33 Only north part of this huge galaxy ( about 1° wide !!) Part of future mosaic !!

Some HX516 previous (bad) pictures